Hi guys! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs, I am an interior designer who gets to work on projects all over the country via online interior design. And I am lucky to hang out here once a month, creating a custom Mood Board or Room Design just for you readers. But instead of sharing a client design with you today, I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to show you a peek into my very own home with a recent project of mine: my $950 budget bathroom makeover

$950 Budget Bathroom Makeover | Update a large master bathroom on a budget with these affordable product sources, budget-friendly tips and DIY projects #remodelaholic

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Let’s start with a not-so-fun-fact:

Bathrooms are the most expensive room to remodel per square foot.

Yup, most people surprised by that. While a kitchen may have a bigger price tag overall, per square foot, your bathroom is the most costly update in your home. Over my last 13 years of being an interior designer I have literally designed hundreds and hundreds of bathrooms.

So how you can you update your bathroom without a full remodel? That is actually what I want to show you how to do today! I’m going to share a glimpse into my very own home with you. I had the exact same problem as a lot of you. When we purchased our home four years ago our Master Bathroom needed some serious updates. Don’t get me wrong: it isn’t horrible. It is just pretty boring and outdated.

If we had decided to gut the whole bathroom and start over, we were looking at a price tag of around $40,000. Instead I updated it and only spent $950. How did I do that? Read on!

This was our original Master Bathroom when we purchased our home four years ago. And I never touched it because I figured it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to make it what I wanted.

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom Makeover

But then I started thinking: I could do some simple updates with a “mini makeover” that would work in the intermediate before we got to remodel it. Well guess what? By the time I was done with it, I loved it so much that I don’t think we will do a thing to it. Believe me, I was completely surprised by that. Here is the best part: I didn’t use any power tools, I kept all of the main items in the bathroom, and simply updated it with some, easy-to-do items. And I spent less than $1000 to do it all.

My $950 Budget Bathroom Makeover

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


So what did I do to transform our bathroom for a mere $950?

To start with, here is what I DIDN’T do! I DIDN’T replace everything. I kept nearly 90% of the existing bathroom. I kept our existing:

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity Countertop and sinks



Shower, fixtures, tile, and door

Bathtub, fixtures, and tile surround


The only “mini construction project” I did was to replace our faucets. That was it. Everything else is simple decor updates.

Starting with a Design: $950 Boho Bathroom Mini Makeover

The first thing I did was create a Mood Board that showed all of the updates I wanted to make. That way I could see the whole design before buying a single thing: saving me both time and money. Once I came up with a design I liked, I did a lot of shopping around to see if I could find more budget-friendly versions of the items I liked. I also looked for items that would make a big impact since I wasn’t changing any of the main items in our bathroom.

A budget-friendly bathroom makeover with a modern boho style | Product sources, paint colors, and decor tips #remodelaholic

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Bathroom Makeover Shopping List

And today I want to share the entire plan and shopping list from my bathroom makeover with you! Simply click below on the item to take you directly to the source. Please note, some of these items I found at Home Goods (such as the rattan baskets), so we’ve included similar options below. The soap dispensers, candles, and gold tray are from Target.

Knob Hardware  |  Pull Hardware  |  Faucet
Rug  |  Mirror  |  Vase  |  Artwork  |  Tray
Cabinet Paint: Benjamin Moore “Hale Navy”
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Simply White”

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Updating the Bathroom Vanity

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


As you can tell from the existing bathroom photo, we have a very large vanity! Honestly, it isn’t at all how I would design it, but I wanted to keep it, along with the existing ivory countertop and integral sinks. I kept all of our cabinets, and painted them in Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy”. Then I replaced all of the cabinet hardware with polished nickel pulls and knobs from Home Depot (at only $4/each). I looked for cabinet hardware that would match our existing drilled holes to keep the hardware swap easy.

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By doing these two small updates, it automatically made our existing ivory countertop look 100% better! As I mentioned before, the only plumbing fixture I changed out were our faucets. I replaced the dated crystal knobs with new polished chrome Delta faucets. In order to keep our countertop, I made sure to find faucets with the same drill pattern so we could simply swap them out.

Updating the Vanity Mirrors

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

Honestly, the thing I used to hate the most about our bathroom were our ugly mirrors. I am a symmetry girl through-and-through so it drove me crazy to see our mismatched mirrors in two different sizes. Plus, the unframed glass was pretty ugly.Instead, I found two modern, metal framed mirrors to replace the existing mirrors. These are called the “Vale Mirrors”. Because of our bathroom’s sloped ceilings, I already had some architectural features to deal with. These sleek mirrors made such a huge difference!

Painting in a Bathroom Makeover

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

Paint is my #1 favorite way to update any space. It is inexpensive, anyone can do it…and it is easy to change down the road. I mentioned that I painted our existing vanity in Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy”. I also updated our ivory colored walls with a crisper, purer white shade. I painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White”. Even this minor shade change from a yellow-ivory wall color to this crisp and clean white made a huge difference. For about $40 for a gallon of paint.

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Updating the Bathroom Floors

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


Our existing floor aren’t horrible, but they certainly aren’t what I would have chosen. While they are still neutral tiles, they are laid on a 45 degree angle, which was a very common thing to do in the 90s/early 00s, which gives it a bit of a dated look. But it would have cost thousands of dollars to rip it out and replace. So what do you do if you have a floor you don’t love?

Cover it up with something so eye-catching that you don’t even notice the floor itself!

This is such a great trick to use in any space. In this budget bathroom makeover, I found this dreamy, boho inspired runner from RugsUSA.com (also available at Home Depot and Walmart). And the very best part? This gorgeous, brightly patterned rug was only $44! And by far, that has been the biggest item people have commented on. This one little item makes all of the difference in this bathroom makeover.

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Budget Bathroom Decor Updates

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


And whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel, or just a mini update like I did, the finishing touches are what make all of the difference. I spent a small amount of my $950 budget on some well placed decor items. The first one was this black and white beach photo that I found on Etsy. I purchased it as a digital download for a mere $7, had it printed myself and framed in an inexpensive frame. I also added these two woven rattan baskets, scored from HomeGoods, to help storage extra towels.

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Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


Finally, since we have such a large vanity, I decided to add a decorative tray in between the sinks to help break up the countertop. This wood tray from Target is filled with a glass vase (with clipping from my own front yard), some decorative candles, and a small glass jewelry box-all from Target. New soap dispensers finished off the look. All were budget friendly finds, but added a lot to the final look of our bathroom.

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Budget-Friendly Master Bathroom Makeover | Update your bathroom with these affordable product picks and tips #remodelaholic

More Ways to Update your Bathroom on a Budget

If you are looking for budget friendly ways to update your bathroom, then Remodelaholic is the perfect place to start! Here are some other bathroom projects that will get you inspired for your own makeover:

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom, Image: ADaesthetic

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Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom, LIght Fixture Roundup by Remodelaholic

Bathroom Light Fixtures Under $85

Bathroom Mini Makeover without a Remodel

And I have one final source to help you with your budget friendly bathroom remodel. I created this FREE worksheet called “75 Ways to Update your Bathroom (without a major remodel)”. You can grab this worksheet, along with exclusive Bathroom Mood Boards and Shopping Lists all in my Free Resource Library:

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

A huge thank-you to the entire gang at Remodelaholic for letting me share my bathroom remodel with you today! If you have any questions about this project or about how Postbox Designs works you can email me at kristin@postboxdesigns.com or hang with me on Instagram!





Hello again! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back with another mood board for your decoration inspiration. I don’t know about you, but I just love time of year, when the days start to get a bit longer and everything suddenly seems sunny and bright again.

I recently came across a few photos of bright, sunny yellow kitchen decor, and was smitten with how happy and colorful the spaces were. I was so inspired, I knew I wanted to put together a bright sunny yellow kitchen moodboard this month.

Tips for Decorating a Sunny Yellow Kitchen #remodelaholic

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If I’m being completely honest, yellow is one of those colors I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with. I seem to always be drawn to it’s inviting warmth, but I also feel like it can be visually overwhelming in large doses, and I generally shy away from it in my home decor. So I took this month’s moodboard as a challenge to find a balanced way to use yellow. Here’s what I came up with:

Sunny yellow kitchen inspiration

Tips for Decorating a Sunny Yellow Kitchen #remodelaholic

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Sunny Yellow Kitchen Decor Sources

(contains affiliate links; learn more here)

Prints  |  Wreath  |  Stools  |  Flatware

Pendant Lights  |  Tea Kettle  |  Tea Towel

Place Setting  |  Shelves  |  Herb Planters  |  Clock

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Tips for Decorating a Yellow Kitchen

Here are some tips for incorporating yellow in your kitchen decor:

Be strategic.

This takes a bit of planning, but for bright colors, like yellow, it always pays off to plan ahead. Since you probably don’t want your entire kitchen to be bright yellow, planning out what items you want to call attention to is a good first step. Yellow is naturally a color that draws the eye, so keep in mind that whatever elements you do decide to go bold with, they’re going to stand out. Knowing this, you can decide to counter the bolder items with other elements to balance out the bright. For example, if you decide on Yellow bar stools, you may want to avoid yellow cabinets, since having those two large scale items both the same bold color may be overwhelming. You will likely want to disperse the yellow color around the room to tie everything together and keep the eye moving.

Pair with neutrals.

Another great way to keep yellows from being too glaring is to pair them with neutrals, especially ones that lean to the cool end of the spectrum. For example, a cool black, or white, as opposed to a muddy black or a cream, which can appear as though they are meant to be white, but are just reflecting the yellow color. The same care should be taken when choosing wood tones to go with yellow decor. A more neutral wood tone will allow the yellow to shine. If you really want to go bold, you can also tone down yellow with blues and purples, which add in a pop of their own without taking away from the yellow.

Add some green.

If you’ve read many of my previous posts, you may have come to the realization that I am a proponent of plants in every room. They add life to a space, and make it feel more inviting. However, with yellow, especially, I think some greenery goes a long way towards making the space feel natural. The brightness of yellow can come off as jarring and fake. To give your space a naturally inviting vibe, evoking a sense of a yellow flower surrounded by green leaves is a good trick. Alternatively, if you want a more industrial or modern vibe, yellow is a good color for that too, as it can remind folks of man made materials.

More Sunny Yellow Kitchen Inspiration

Neutral white with sunny yellow kitchen accents, cabinets, bar stools via Style Carrot | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Style Carrot Photo Credit: Marni Elyse Katz

Yellow Kitchen Stove and Accents via Gia Renovations | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Gia Renovations

Sunny yellow kitchen accent wall and fridge with exposed brick wall, modern kitchen | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: xnet.ynet.co.il

Modern white and yellow kitchen via Home Designing | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Home Designing

Sunny yellow kitchen backsplash and kickplate with white cabinets | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Design Sponge Photo Credit: Derek Swalwell

Yellow kitchen cabinets via boligmagasinet | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Bolig Magasinet

Colorful yellow kitchen ideas via Hus & Hem | Yellow Kitchen Inspiration #Remodelaholic

Image Source: Hus & Hem

As always, thank you to Cassity and the Remodelaholic team for having me back each month. I’d love for you to visit me over on my site, ADaesthetic.com, or follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for more updates and inspiration. Have a great day, friends!


[pinit align=”center” image_url=”https://www.remodelaholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/yellow-kitchen-ideas-tips-inspiration-decorating-remodelaholic.png” description=”Love yellow kitchens? Get inspired by these beautiful yellow kitchen spaces plus tips for making yellow work in your home and for your style. #remodelaholic”]

Love yellow kitchens? Get inspired by these beautiful yellow kitchen spaces plus tips for making yellow work in your home and for your style. | Yellow Kitchen Ideas Tips Inspiration Decorating #remodelaholic

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