Hi guys! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs, I am an interior designer who gets to work on projects all over the country via online interior design. And I am lucky to hang out here once a month, creating a custom Mood Board or Room Design just for you readers. But instead of sharing a client design with you today, I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to show you a peek into my very own home with a recent project of mine: my $950 budget bathroom makeover

$950 Budget Bathroom Makeover | Update a large master bathroom on a budget with these affordable product sources, budget-friendly tips and DIY projects #remodelaholic

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Let’s start with a not-so-fun-fact:

Bathrooms are the most expensive room to remodel per square foot.

Yup, most people surprised by that. While a kitchen may have a bigger price tag overall, per square foot, your bathroom is the most costly update in your home. Over my last 13 years of being an interior designer I have literally designed hundreds and hundreds of bathrooms.

So how you can you update your bathroom without a full remodel? That is actually what I want to show you how to do today! I’m going to share a glimpse into my very own home with you. I had the exact same problem as a lot of you. When we purchased our home four years ago our Master Bathroom needed some serious updates. Don’t get me wrong: it isn’t horrible. It is just pretty boring and outdated.

If we had decided to gut the whole bathroom and start over, we were looking at a price tag of around $40,000. Instead I updated it and only spent $950. How did I do that? Read on!

This was our original Master Bathroom when we purchased our home four years ago. And I never touched it because I figured it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to make it what I wanted.

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom Makeover

But then I started thinking: I could do some simple updates with a “mini makeover” that would work in the intermediate before we got to remodel it. Well guess what? By the time I was done with it, I loved it so much that I don’t think we will do a thing to it. Believe me, I was completely surprised by that. Here is the best part: I didn’t use any power tools, I kept all of the main items in the bathroom, and simply updated it with some, easy-to-do items. And I spent less than $1000 to do it all.

My $950 Budget Bathroom Makeover

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


So what did I do to transform our bathroom for a mere $950?

To start with, here is what I DIDN’T do! I DIDN’T replace everything. I kept nearly 90% of the existing bathroom. I kept our existing:

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity Countertop and sinks



Shower, fixtures, tile, and door

Bathtub, fixtures, and tile surround


The only “mini construction project” I did was to replace our faucets. That was it. Everything else is simple decor updates.

Starting with a Design: $950 Boho Bathroom Mini Makeover

The first thing I did was create a Mood Board that showed all of the updates I wanted to make. That way I could see the whole design before buying a single thing: saving me both time and money. Once I came up with a design I liked, I did a lot of shopping around to see if I could find more budget-friendly versions of the items I liked. I also looked for items that would make a big impact since I wasn’t changing any of the main items in our bathroom.

A budget-friendly bathroom makeover with a modern boho style | Product sources, paint colors, and decor tips #remodelaholic

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Bathroom Makeover Shopping List

And today I want to share the entire plan and shopping list from my bathroom makeover with you! Simply click below on the item to take you directly to the source. Please note, some of these items I found at Home Goods (such as the rattan baskets), so we’ve included similar options below. The soap dispensers, candles, and gold tray are from Target.

Knob Hardware  |  Pull Hardware  |  Faucet
Rug  |  Mirror  |  Vase  |  Artwork  |  Tray
Cabinet Paint: Benjamin Moore “Hale Navy”
Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore “Simply White”

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Updating the Bathroom Vanity

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


As you can tell from the existing bathroom photo, we have a very large vanity! Honestly, it isn’t at all how I would design it, but I wanted to keep it, along with the existing ivory countertop and integral sinks. I kept all of our cabinets, and painted them in Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy”. Then I replaced all of the cabinet hardware with polished nickel pulls and knobs from Home Depot (at only $4/each). I looked for cabinet hardware that would match our existing drilled holes to keep the hardware swap easy.

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By doing these two small updates, it automatically made our existing ivory countertop look 100% better! As I mentioned before, the only plumbing fixture I changed out were our faucets. I replaced the dated crystal knobs with new polished chrome Delta faucets. In order to keep our countertop, I made sure to find faucets with the same drill pattern so we could simply swap them out.

Updating the Vanity Mirrors

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

Honestly, the thing I used to hate the most about our bathroom were our ugly mirrors. I am a symmetry girl through-and-through so it drove me crazy to see our mismatched mirrors in two different sizes. Plus, the unframed glass was pretty ugly.Instead, I found two modern, metal framed mirrors to replace the existing mirrors. These are called the “Vale Mirrors”. Because of our bathroom’s sloped ceilings, I already had some architectural features to deal with. These sleek mirrors made such a huge difference!

Painting in a Bathroom Makeover

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

Paint is my #1 favorite way to update any space. It is inexpensive, anyone can do it…and it is easy to change down the road. I mentioned that I painted our existing vanity in Benjamin Moore’s “Hale Navy”. I also updated our ivory colored walls with a crisper, purer white shade. I painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White”. Even this minor shade change from a yellow-ivory wall color to this crisp and clean white made a huge difference. For about $40 for a gallon of paint.

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Updating the Bathroom Floors

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


Our existing floor aren’t horrible, but they certainly aren’t what I would have chosen. While they are still neutral tiles, they are laid on a 45 degree angle, which was a very common thing to do in the 90s/early 00s, which gives it a bit of a dated look. But it would have cost thousands of dollars to rip it out and replace. So what do you do if you have a floor you don’t love?

Cover it up with something so eye-catching that you don’t even notice the floor itself!

This is such a great trick to use in any space. In this budget bathroom makeover, I found this dreamy, boho inspired runner from RugsUSA.com (also available at Home Depot and Walmart). And the very best part? This gorgeous, brightly patterned rug was only $44! And by far, that has been the biggest item people have commented on. This one little item makes all of the difference in this bathroom makeover.

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Budget Bathroom Decor Updates

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


And whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel, or just a mini update like I did, the finishing touches are what make all of the difference. I spent a small amount of my $950 budget on some well placed decor items. The first one was this black and white beach photo that I found on Etsy. I purchased it as a digital download for a mere $7, had it printed myself and framed in an inexpensive frame. I also added these two woven rattan baskets, scored from HomeGoods, to help storage extra towels.

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Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom


Finally, since we have such a large vanity, I decided to add a decorative tray in between the sinks to help break up the countertop. This wood tray from Target is filled with a glass vase (with clipping from my own front yard), some decorative candles, and a small glass jewelry box-all from Target. New soap dispensers finished off the look. All were budget friendly finds, but added a lot to the final look of our bathroom.

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Budget-Friendly Master Bathroom Makeover | Update your bathroom with these affordable product picks and tips #remodelaholic

More Ways to Update your Bathroom on a Budget

If you are looking for budget friendly ways to update your bathroom, then Remodelaholic is the perfect place to start! Here are some other bathroom projects that will get you inspired for your own makeover:

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom, Image: ADaesthetic

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Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom, LIght Fixture Roundup by Remodelaholic

Bathroom Light Fixtures Under $85

Bathroom Mini Makeover without a Remodel

And I have one final source to help you with your budget friendly bathroom remodel. I created this FREE worksheet called “75 Ways to Update your Bathroom (without a major remodel)”. You can grab this worksheet, along with exclusive Bathroom Mood Boards and Shopping Lists all in my Free Resource Library:

Postbox Designs: My $950 Budget Bathroom

A huge thank-you to the entire gang at Remodelaholic for letting me share my bathroom remodel with you today! If you have any questions about this project or about how Postbox Designs works you can email me at kristin@postboxdesigns.com or hang with me on Instagram!





Thank you to DRYLOK® for partnering with us to update our patio!  I am SO excited about this space now!  All opinions are my own in this post how to paint a concrete patio. Read our full disclosure policy here

One of the things I love about our new house is the covered patio space.  We spend so much time out there!  it is the perfect place to relax and chat and though we haven’t had one yet, I think it will be really fun for family barbecues!  I know before we bought this house that our cute neighbors (who owned the house then) used it constantly!

When we first bought it, the patio space looked like this..

How to Paint a Concrete Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 11 Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 10

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The patio itself is 40 years old this June!  So, while it is totally functional the concrete has seen better days… and #reallife – since it is just after winter, the patio has seen much better, more organized days.  We’ve just been sort of stacking things in there.  And I apologize to my patio for showing you these pictures, and it may be a little embarrassed to show itself to you today…

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 12 Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 13

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – Clutter be gone!

So, we slowly emptied the whole space out.  We moved this table to our deck at our office.  Then, we loaded up our trusty little trailer (hooked onto our 4 wheeler) and parked everything in the garage, which was a good thing, because the weather has been HORRENDOUS!!

How to Prep a Concrete Patio for Painting

To make sure the surface was prepped and free of debris and stains, we pressure washed the patio and got any old paint drips and staining off that we could.  Seriously pressure washing old concrete is one of the most satisfying chores on the planet.  It is amazing how much grime we got off!  When we were done, we were left with this.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 14

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – Stains & Cracks

Some of our problems:

  • BIG cracks
  • lots of staining from spills
  • water splash staining from rain and snow
  • plant debris staining – it just blows onto the patio constantly!

This big stain pictured below, in particular, even after working with it and the pressure washer, it just wouldn’t get off!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 15

The cracks were already filled with silicone, which the paint can’t stick to.  So we had to clean that out, but because of a lot of settling over the years the pieces had lifted the to slightly different levels, so we chose to grind them down.  Justin used a handheld plugin grinder and a diamond bit grinder blade in about a 4 inch diameter.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 16

Poor Guy!  This work was pretty back breaking for sure and DUSTY!!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 17

All ground down the cracks now looked like this:

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 18

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – Fill the Cracks

We had to do a ton of vacuuming to get up the dust that was everywhere!  But we wanted to keep the patio clean throughout the process which ended up taking about a month+ between other projects (I know!) Because the weather couldn’t make up its mind.  It literally snowed 4 times…  and to follow the manufacturers instructions, you need it to be dry AND a minimum temperature!

Anywho, we just kept plugging along.  Next was filling the cracks, with DRYLOK® Concrete Patch.  It took a bit to get it right, we actually ended up having to do two coats to fill in all the settling.Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 20

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 19

We ground down the crack filler afterward, but in hindsight we should have been a lot more careful applying it the first time, because grinding it smooth, did cause it to flake and break in some places.  Ultimately, we just embraced it, and you will be shocked what the paint hides!

How to Paint a Concrete Patio with Epoxy Floor Paint

As for the color, I didn’t want the concrete to be too far off of an actual concrete color, (I may decide to go more bold and choose another color, if we ever do this again!)  But for now, I chose the DRYLOK® E1 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint in Gray, and I am really happy with how much better it looks!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 21

Also, because our kids run around back here all the time, I wanted to make sure that coming from damp grass to painted concrete wouldn’t be too slippery.  We decided to add the DRYLOK® Non-Skid Texture Additive.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 22

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – Small Batches = No Clumps

We poured it into the paint can in little batches and mixed well to keep it from clumping.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 23

Then the easy fun SUPER satisfying work began!  The painting!!

I started by cutting it in on the edges, and then rolled the center.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 24

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 25

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – No More Stains & Cracks!

You can really see the amount of staining the paint covered up!  And the best part is that I don’t even see that cracks anymore!  Additionally the epoxy paint went on SO smoothly!  Quick and easy!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 10 2

It’s still drying in this picture, but you can really begin to see the difference this paint is making!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 29

How to Paint a Concrete Patio – All Finished Up

And finally, a little later in the afternoon all dry.

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 30

Oh my goodness, it looks like a BRAND NEW PATIO!

40 never looked so good!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 38

Using what we already had, we got the furniture back in place!  (Obviously I painted that back wall a big BRIGHT new color too!  We are working on a dining space transformation, so I will tell you more about that soon!)  I feel like every time I’ve stepped out the door I am in sunny Florida… and I LOVE it!… uh even though it was in the 30’s this morning, in MAY!

I need to paint the back door, maybe black or do you think it needs to be brighter??

I plan on painting the columns white like the bump out, and maybe thickening them up a bit and adding screens to screen it in from bugs and debris!  The only other change I can foresee, I feel like the DIY plywood sofas need maybe a more colorful cushion selection… and what about a prettier rug?  Tell me in the comments what you think!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 32

I am excited to plant our coffee table with some plants.  I am craving green and beautiful living things!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 36

So, I really think it is important to show you a before of the concrete…

Covered Patio Makeover With Painted Concrete Slab | Your old, cracked concrete slab can look like NEW again! Learn how to paint a concrete patio, from prepping and filling cracks to painting with epoxy floor paint. #remodelaholic[pinit align=”center”]

Just a little crack filling and paint later and BAM: After!  The difference is not subtle, it is HUGE even though the color change is subtle.

One last picture, it is a little fuzzy, but we have had a bunch of rain and even some snow again last night! UGH!  But the concrete doesn’t stain on all the edges anymore, and it drains so fast!  Before it would soak in and discolor the edges for at least a few hours till it dried out, but it is really nice not to have that problem anymore!  (PS can you find the kids painted rocks in the little planter bed?!!  Its real life around here…  Obviously I also need to week out the grass!

Painting A Patio With UGL Epoxy Floor Paint @Remodelaholic 39

Thank you to DRYLOK® for sponsoring this post, I am really excited to keep fluffing up this space, especially now that the foundation looks so clean!  Please be sure to check out what we did to update the old cinder block fence at my parents house a few years ago also with DRYLOK®!  Such a wonderful product!  All opinions are my own!

[pinit align=”center” image_url=”https://www.remodelaholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/how-to-paint-a-concrete-patio-even-if-its-old-and-cracked-remodelaholic.png” description=”Yes, you can PAINT a concrete patio, even if it’s old, stained, and cracked like ours was. See how we prepped and painted to give this 40 year old concrete pad and our covered patio an affordable makeover. #remodelaholic”]

How To Paint A Concrete Patio Even If It's Old And Cracked | Your old, cracked concrete slab can look like NEW again! Learn how to paint a concrete patio, from prepping and filling cracks to painting with epoxy floor paint. #remodelaholic


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UGL. The opinions and text are all mine.